From Time Capsule to Dream Home and SOLD in 1 Day! Witness the Power of Staging in Stunning Before-and-After Photos!

Pending in 1 day – List Price-$1,595,000 – Sold For-$1,655,000 (4% over list / $60k)

Despite its million-dollar views of the sparkling waters of San Diego’s Mission Bay, this stunning Bay Park home was overshadowed by an outdated interior featuring drab brown paneling and old carpeting. The home was struggling to sell in its “as-is” condition and the offers it was receiving in that condition were coming in tens of thousands of dollars below asking. After a month or so of “seeing what would happen” the owner decided to call in our team of talented San Diego home staging professionals and we were up for the challenge of transforming this lackluster home into a showstopper. Armed with a vision and a plan, we got straight to work.

First, we encouraged the owner to invest in some cosmetic upgrades, including fresh paint and refinishing the wood floors. Then, with the owner’s trust and our team’s expertise, we went to town with the home interior styling plan, adding stylish furnishings and decor that complemented the home’s stunning views.

As you can see, there was one thing that was throwing off the whole space in the living room – a bright red fireplace that was distracting from the breathtaking ocean views. Rather than trying to paint over it or remove it entirely, we rose to the challenge and used our design skills to transform the fireplace into a stunning focal point that added to the beauty of the space.

The before and after photos speak for themselves – the home was utterly transformed. No longer did the brown paneling and old carpeting hold it back. The home appeared fresh and move-in ready for its new debut on the market.

And the results? The owner received an irresistible offer of 4% over the asking price on the home just one day after it was listed! That’s an extra $60k that the sellers would have left on the table if they had continued to try and sell “as is” without our home staging services. It’s a true testament to the power of presentation home staging brings and the importance of trusting the experts. With the right team and a little bit of vision, any home can be transformed into a beautiful and marketable space. So why wait? Reach out to us today and let us help you transform your space into something truly extraordinary!

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