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Don’t make the mistake of leaving money on the table by overlooking the value home staging brings. We hope the FAQ’s below help answer any questions you may have so that you have the clarity to make your decision to move forward with us.

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Staging and Inventory 

What is home staging?

Home staging is prepping and styling a home for its maximum potential prior to being listed on the market for sale. It’s a proven marketing tool that helps potential buyers see how they can live in the home they’re walking into and emotionally connect to it so that they want to make it their own.

Why should I stage?

Home staging is a wise investment that offers the highest return on investment per dollar spent. Since most buyers start their search online, it’s essential to ensure your home looks its best in photographs. A clutter-free, well-staged home attracts more in-person visits, increasing the chances of a successful sale. Buyers seek fresh, thoughtfully furnished spaces where they can envision their dream lifestyle, not the sellers. They want to experience what they saw in the photos as soon as they walk in that front door.

In the competitive real estate market, a first impression matters greatly, and you only have about 7 seconds to make it count!

Does home staging really work?

Savvy home sellers and real estate agents understand that the “sweet spot” on the MLS is just a few days long and that a new listing needs to make a big splash from day one. Home staging does that. In fact, shows that staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes.

Does home staging influence the sale price?

Yes. It adds perceived value, helps get the attention from a bigger pool of buyers bringing it the most potential offers which helps a home sell faster and for more money. According the the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), 85% of homes that were staged sold for 5-23% over the listing price.

How do I pick the right stager for my home?

Top real estate agents recognize the impressive return on investment (ROI) that professional home staging brings. Remember that you get what you pay for so price should NOT be the deciding factor when it comes to staging!

You are selling your most valuable asset – your home – so prioritize value over the lowest-priced stager. Look for staging professionals based on their competency, experience, and professionalism, rather than just the cheapest option. Cheap stagers are usually less experienced and may not understand how to strategically market your home’s full potential, affecting the overall impact. That can potentially lead to longer listing times, price reductions, and lost opportunities. We don’t want that for you!

What if my selling/listing agent does staging?

If your real estate agent is qualified to stage and offers this service to you, it may be beneficial to use them. Usually, an agent is busy focused on listing and marketing your home to sell. Most agents choose to work with a trained, professional Home Stager who is focused on their area of expertise.

What if I don’t like the staging style?

Keep in mind that the home will soon belong to someone else, so it should be marketed accordingly. Envision the home from a buyer’s perspective to achieve the best results. Experienced stagers design based on potential buyers’ lifestyles and preferences.

For maximum staging impact, trust your professional stager with full design control. Interfering with their expertise tailored to the target demographic may hinder your home’s sale. Embrace their creative vision to effectively market your property and captivate potential buyers. Feel free to explore our gallery for some staging examples of our work and ask questions in advance.

What if I decide to take my house off the market?

If this occurs within the staging term period, we require that you notify us within 24 hours. Unoccupied properties may not be lived in, rented or leased to tenants and/or as a vacation rental for any reason or time period by anyone during agreed upon term of staging. We reserve the right to retrieve the staging without notice to Client and have the right to access via a duplicate key, combo lockbox, or locksmith.

Do you own your own inventory?

Yes, we own our own furniture, accessories, lamps, faux plants, pillows, bedding, artwork, and rugs. This allows us to choose from the greatest selection of furniture styles and price points, to best enhance the style of your home.

Can I rent items including bedding?

We specialize in vacant home staging and don’t offer individual item rentals. Our focus is providing a comprehensive home staging service, transforming properties into stunning showcases. Feel free to connect with us to discuss your staging needs further.

Staging Process

How soon can you stage a property?

This depends on our availability. Ideally, we prefer a one-week minimum window to prepare for a staging project. Please call us so we may discuss your staging needs.

How long does it take to stage?

The amount of time needed for a stage varies depending on the size of the project and whether the property is occupied or vacant. Usually, a stage will take approximately 4 to 8 hours and can sometimes take 2-3 days if it’s a larger project.  

How long is the standard staging term(s)?

Our standard staging agreement covers up to 30 days. We’re confident in our service’s impact and results. While we can’t guarantee a sale or predict market shifts, this timeframe has worked as the best option for a smooth sale.

What if my home doesn’t sell within the staging term?

You have the option to keep the staging in place (in 30-day increments) after the initial agreed upon staging term has ended. This is available for a maximum of 6 months from the date of installation, if you have complied with the staging agreement terms.

Staging Services

Do I have to stage the entire home?

Not necessarily. Our team will design and transform the entire home or a few select main rooms. In 2023 the National Association of Realtors listed the most commonly staged rooms, which were:

  • Living room (91%)
  • Kitchen (81%)
  • Primary bedroom (81%)
  • Dining room (69%)
  • Home office (46%)
Doesn’t a house look bigger when it’s empty?

Surprisingly, an empty house can appear smaller and even create uncertainty for buyers about furniture placement, whether their furniture will fit or how to utilize unique layouts. Don’t leave it to buyers’ imagination to sell your home; staging unveils each space’s potential and sparks buyer interest effectively.

What if someone remains living in the property while it's listed for sale?

When homeowners reside in the property during the sale, it’s known as “Occupied Staging.” At this time, the only solution we offer in this scenario is our “Walk and Talk” consultation. Here, our expert consultant walks through the home, provides detailed suggestions and guidance to the homeowner (or agent) to prep the home themselves using existing furnishings and decor. We can recommend enhancements and help source items if required. Any items sourced or soft goods recommended, like bedding and towels, are your responsibility to purchase.

Please note, we specialize in vacant staging, where the property is unoccupied. We don’t currently offer full service occupied staging. We maintain a clear distinction and don’t blend our staging inventory with existing furnishings.

Do I have to move out of my house?

Not necessarily, we understand that situations vary. However, the best staging results are usually accomplished when the homeowner and their belongings will not remain in the house while it’s listed.

Please note, we specialize in vacant staging, where the property is unoccupied. We don’t currently offer full service occupied staging. We maintain a clear distinction and don’t blend our staging inventory with existing furnishings.

If a homeowner wishes to remain living in the home, we offer our “Walk and Talk” consultation where our expert consultant walks through the home providing detailed suggestions and guidance to the homeowner (or agent) to prep the home themselves using existing furnishings and decor. We can recommend enhancements and help source items if required as well. Any items sourced or soft goods recommended, like bedding and towels, are your responsibility to purchase.

Would you stage outside of your service area?

We may be available to stage outside of our service area, depending on the circumstances. Give us a call so we can discuss details.


Who pays for the staging?

Homeowners who understand the value that staging a home brings them. They are the one that signs the contract and can take advantage of the cost being a tax-deductible* investment they can leverage when they’re ready to sell their home. (*consult with your CPA)

What if home staging is not within my budget?

No worries, we would still love to hear from you and discuss your specific needs about your property.  We will evaluate your budget and job size to figure out a tailored plan that may work for you. We believe everyone should have access to the home selling advantage that staging a home brings no matter the size of a project, big or small!

Do I need to make the repairs/renovations suggested?

Yes, if you want to sell your home more swiftly but you are not obligated or required to do so by our company. We are not a real estate inspection services company. Our suggestions are for cosmetic purposes only. We will only suggest repairs/renovations if we feel that they are necessary and/or will improve on your ROI with selling your property. Such repairs/renovations indicate to buyers that the property has been well maintained and updated by you. Buyers are looking for a “move-in ready” home and will pay more to get this.

What method of payment do you take?

We accept cash, money orders, cashiers checks, most major credit cards and ACH payments.

Do you offer discounts to real estate agents?

Staging a home has been proven to bring a homeowner a return on investment (ROI) of 5%, 10%, or sometimes as much as 20%. This means that as the agent, your commission will increase. We are all about a win-win, so instead of discounting our prices…we increase the perceived value, which means everyone benefits from this investment.

Do you offer financing/pay at close of escrow?

Yes, you may apply for financing via PayPal Credit. We do not have an option to pay at close of escrow.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Aspect Staging has a No Refund, No Proration policy.

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