A Well Staged Home Attracts Buyers Like a Magnet!

Home staging creates an element of individuality that helps make a home relatable and enticing to a potential buyer. Beautifying, styling and depersonalizing your home for sale, although some may think it unnecessary and superficial, evokes a deep psychological aspect for that potential buyer and is statistically proven to increase the likeliness of the seller receiving the highest offer in the least amount of time.

Imagine how many homes your potential buyer is looking at…yours should be THE ONE they fall in love with. Give that buyer a sense of relief of not having to keep looking and the feeling that they are now “home”. We have a passion to make your home stand out from the competition. Invest in your home sale success today!

Don’t depend on buyers’ imaginations to sell your home.

Does this make you feel at home?

Leaving a house empty makes it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living there. It can also highlight features buyers might see as good reasons why they should give you a low-ball offer.

Can’t you just feel yourself living here?

Staging your home is a quick, cost-effective way to help it stand out and is proven to increase the number of buyers who make higher offers.

Nine out of ten potential buyers stepping into your home might miss the incredible potential that lies within. It’s not their fault – sometimes, seeing the possibilities requires a little help. Don’t let empty or overly furnished spaces negatively impact your sale. You deserve better odds, ones that won’t put a dent in your final selling price!

It’s been proven that first impressions happen within seven seconds! Now, close your eyes and imagine what those potential buyers are seeing when they open your front door. Will they be greeted by your personal family memories, your unique furniture choices, and taste in décor, or a completely empty space that relies on the buyers imagination to envision how they’d use the space?

While your personal touch is perfect for your everyday life, remember that selling is about helping others see themselves in the space. The more buyers can see themselves thriving in your home, the greater your chances of receiving an irresistible offer.

If your goal is to sell your house – and sell it quickly and profitably – then this is where the magic of home staging using neutral styles and colors can accelerate buying decisions significantly. The impact on buyers’ decisions is remarkable! It helps buyers visualize living there rather than feeling like guests.

Consider this: just as you’d dress to impress for a job interview, your home deserves its own spotlight. Your sanctuary, your home – it’s precious to you. When selling your house, it’s all about the potential buyers and their aspirations. Think of it as giving your home its best chance to shine in the eyes of its future residents.

Remember that your buyers first impression can mean the difference between an offer or them moving on. Investing in staging your home is like investing in your own success, ensuring it stands out and sells for its true value in record time. With a bit of strategic presentation, you’re not just selling a house; you’re offering a home where dreams can thrive. Not to mention, home staging may be tax deductible, adding another layer of value to the equation.

Wondering How Home Staging Can Help You?

Staging your home can help you avoid a price reduction, additional mortgage payment(s) and the anxiety of waiting longer for your home to sell. On the upside it may bring more and higher offers plus a faster sale.

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85% of homes that were staged sold for 5-23% over the listing price.


Based on a sales price of $800,000 that could be between $40K and $184K more in profit ABOVE the list price of your home, and all by leveraging home staging services!

What People Are Saying...


Thank you Aspect Staging for building such beautiful spaces for our Annual FEMX Summit! I received so many positive comments from attendees on how much they loved the way FEMX Quarters was transformed by you. Everyone was taking selfies on the Instagram-worthy setups you created for us. You made it all so beautiful. Looking forward to working with you again! <3


I recently sold a listing of mine with the help of Martha (Aspect Staging). Although no one was living in the home, furnishings were in the property that didn’t exactly help prospective buyers see their own vision. Martha’s fantastic attention to detail, efficiently transformed the space and helped me garner multiple offers on the listing. Needless to say, my seller/clients were very pleased and accepted an offer well over the asking price. I highly recommend Aspect Staging for your home staging needs. I’ll certainly be using their services again!!


The Aspect Team is top class! I called them for my client who needed a last minute staging to happen. Not only were they able to make it happen and look great, they nailed it off just photos! With the help of Aspect we were able to get the clients $40k over list in this shifting market. I definitely recommend Aspect to help you stage your home!!


I used Aspect Staging to stage a house I have for sale and I have been very happy with everything. The staging furniture is of high quality and made the house look better than it ever did with my furniture. I received an offer to buy the house on the first day the house was listed for sale and I feel Aspect Staging helped a lot with getting that offer. Also if you have one area with your house you need repairs or improvements before selling your house, they have a list of contractors they can recommend.


Martha and her team are awesome! Super responsive, can stage a listing quickly and destage it quickly! Last one I did with Martha sold in a week!


Nice work, Martha! You should be awfully proud of your beautifully staged design work for my listing. As you know, the sellers are raving about you and the condo sold in a timely fashion. I am so glad I chose your services. I am certainly looking forward to working with you again on future listings.


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